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International Shipping and Forwarding Agency Transagent doo Belgrade was founded in February 2014 as the youngest agency within the Transagent Group. Our branch office Transagent Rijeka has been operating on the Serbian market since 2006. Thanks to our excellent results, we have grown into domestic’s company as a team of young and ambitious people that have significant place on Serbian market in logistics field, where Transagent has positioned itself as a brand and symbol of quality.

International Shipping and Forwarding Agency Transagent doo Belgrade is part of Transagent Group, an international shipping and forwarding agency which has been a leader in the field of international shipping since 1963. Transagent offices in the Southeast Europe region in Rijeka (Croatia), Ploce (Croatia), Zagreb (Croatia), Koper (Slovenia), Belgrade (Serbia), Bar (Montenegro). Transagent is one of the most trustworthy transport agencies.

Transagent is made by its people, highly trained and experienced professionals, who contribute to the company with their knowledge. Our company’s continuous growth and success is the result of a healthy and productive way of doing business with highly professional and qualified personnel. The strategic positioning of the Transagent group, covers all major Adriatic ports. We create and offer solutions to the needs and requirements of the clients on all continents.

As a part of Transagent Group, the following Transagent daughter companies are operating:


Our mission is to continuously overcome the expectations of our clients by offering high quality of provided services, competitive price and the most reliable solutions.


Our vision is to represent the promotion and continuous improvement of quality management system, to maintain the existing and ensure future success through investing in methods of conducting business. Our vision is also -in the – ongoing development of our services and continuous education of our employees. In order to respond at any time to the various challenges by our clients, all employees in our team appreciate high level of corporate values:

  • Service quality

  • Efficiency

  • Flexibility

  • Responsibility

  • Reliability

  • Development

  • Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Our quality management system covers the entire field of business and it is focused on a permanent further development of both business processes and our employees.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our main goal to – which we are fully committed and it provides us competitive advantage.


We insist on quality and expect it from our business partners. Our long-standing and successful cooperation with our business partners is based on shared goals, mutual respect and trust.

The strategic business relationships

It allows us to eliminate the uncertainty in the business and- to get the best conditions for our clients, which is resulting in the overall high quality of our services in the field of transport and logistics.

We operate according to clearly defined procedures and standards.

Our business procedures result in the achievement of the agreed goals and customer satisfaction. Their further improvement is process to which we are all focused within the company.

Quality leads us to success.

In a business environment that is constantly changing, Transagent reacts fast, appropriately and in a flexible manner.


TRANSAGENT in numbers

52 years of successful business of Transagent group
92 employees within Transagent group
650+ RF containers in exports in 2014.
50% transshipping capacity Port of Rijeka
1 200 000+ Tons of goods transported by rail in 2014.


We have grown into a powerful team of professionals with decades of experience in the field of international transport. We are members of:

  • Association of Ship and transport agency in Croatia and Slovenia,
  • Chamber of Commerce Serbia,
  • National Association of shipping companies and agents „Transport i logistika“ (Transport and Logistics),
  • BIMCO.
  • We have a quality certificate by the FONASBA, and standards by ISOPA and ISO 9001.


Our business covers a wide range of services, which is implemented with the highest standards :

  • Port agency
  • Activities related to cargo (organization embarkation, disembarkation, storage, insurance, inspections)
  • Shipping
  • Container transportation
  • Multimodal transport
  • Naval Treaties ( chartering ) for bulk , general and liquid cargo
  • Project logistics (preparation of complete logistics solutions according to specific client requirements )
  • Organizing river / maritime , road, rail and truck transport

Our agency’s employees are highly qualified professionals, with decades of combined experience in transportation of goods. This has led to the world’s largest shipping companies who have chosen our agency as trusted partner to represent their interests in the territory of Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia.

Beside to core of our business, we are particularly specialized in security and transportation of bulk cargo (dry and liquid) and container cargo.

Road transport

  • International
  • Domestics/Local transport

Road transport is a supplemental to the maritime transport and it represents delivery / departure of goods from and to ports. This has resulted in the expansion of the range of our services and in the transport of containers by truck from and to port. We are also arranging domestic transport of goods by trucks on the local market level (on the territory of Serbia). In the local truck transport, we are mostly focused on bulk cargo in the field of Argo businesses (transport of corn, soybeans, wheat and other mercantile goods), as well as the transport of containers from the terminal to the end users (importers) and back (from the exporter to the terminal for all export operations)

Rail transport

  • Conventional
  • Intermodal

Rail transport is one of the most complex aspects of transportation and it is used for shipments with clearly defined as dynamics and large-volume (quantities). We are handling the transport of bulk cargo and intermodal transport organization. Due to the fact that within the Transagent group there is a company which is the terminal operator for containerized shipments, we became the part of the international intermodal HUPAC network, which on a weekly basis has the dispatches and deliveries to more than 100 destinations in Europe. We have also established service of delivery and dispatch by shuttle trains, from and to the port Rijeka, as well as a regular service to/from INLAND terminals within the HUPAC network via Bilk terminal in Budapest.

Sea/river transport (chartering)

  • River transport by Danube bulk and general cargo
  • Sea transport general cargo, bulk and liquid cargo

In the past ten years, Serbia once again has actualized transport on the Danube and Sava River, by virtue of good geographical position, and two years ago on river Tisa, too. River Transport is focused on the transport of large quantities of cargo. We have recognized our ability with this type of transport, therefore we are very active in transport of mercantile goods on the upstream and downstream flow of river Danube. Also, we are very active in the establishment of service in the Danube upstream flow, from the ports of Reni, Ismail and Constanta to Serbia. Sea transport is Transagent biggest strength, since in that field of transport company has grown to a level that we are today. Over 25% of all cargo that has transshipped in the port of Rijeka are in organization of Transagent. Through the port of Koper we have large quantities of shipments of general cargo (wood, paper) and RoRo shipments. When market conditions turn out to be better, we also use other ports in the region (usually port of Constanta).

Container transportation

  • Transport of goods at the temperature regime RFR
  • Special container transportation out of gauge shipments (Open Top container and Flatrack container)

Container transportation is considering transport of loaded container of FCL shipments and aggregated containers of LCL shipments. Transagent has built its name on the market on a very demanding challenges, such as Special transport; “reefer” containers RFR (temperature regime). We are the largest single transporter of “reefer” containers among shippers on the Serbian market. Also, we are very active in the field of transportation of oversized shipments with Open Top and Flat Rack containers (several factories and factories parts was delivered in this way), and transport of a large number of construction machines and special mines machines in the former Yugoslavia.

Project logistics

Creating the most optimal logistic solutions according to the specific requirements of the client, presents recognizable quality of Transagent and its team of professionals.

Our expertise, reliability and commitment were transferred in the organization of transport services by principle of “full logistics solution.” We offer effective solutions, accurate and reliable response to all customer requirements and complex challenges in transport of all types of cargo, from production site to place of delivery, from one continent to another.

We carefully plan and provide complete flow of shipments delivery from the production site to the departure port (POL), organization of handling and loading on boat within precise define terms, organization of maritime transport of “special shipments” manipulation in the port of departure (POD) and organizing the delivery of oversized shipments from the port of unloading to the point of delivery, both in Serbia and throughout the world.

Safety of transport and delivery accuracy are our priority, and satisfaction of every client is measure of our success.


If the words Committed, Systematical and Efficient describes your work, if you with open mind and heart access to any requests of each client, be part of a team of Transagent professionals who are always ready with their expertise and inventiveness to respond to all challenges.

UPS (Unique Selling Proposition): full and complete service, finding the best logistics solutions, monitoring and implementation with direct communication with our team of professionals (single point of contact)

Success factors: responsible and reliable operations, service quality, efficiency and flexibility, constant development, quality management system, focus on meeting customer requirements

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