About us

At the beginning of March 2019, Transagent Operator satisfied the conditions and was awarded the license for rail freight transport.

In the line with relevant regulations, it was awarded the Safety Certificate - Part A confirming the acceptance of the Safety Management System of the railway undertaking and the Part B confirming that the railway undertaking had adopted specific provisions stipulated for the safe operations on the relevant network.

Transagent Operator is certified for the transport of goods involving the transport of dangerous merchandise.

Certificate for transport of goods - Part A – protocol number the Railway Directorate I-01 no.340-1165-6 / 2020

Certificate for the transport of goods - Part B - protocol number of the Railway Directorate I-01 no.340-1165-7 / 2020

Having fulfilled all the conditions as prescribed by the positive legal regulations, the Transagent Operator has become one of a few private railway operators in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Our main focus is on the transport of raw materials and finished products for the needs of ironworks in the region of Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans and the transport of shuttle services in intermodal transport, which connects terminals / ports within the European continent.

Since our sister-company, Transagent Rail, is a certified railway operator and its fleet includes
interoperable towing vehicles (Siemens Taurus, Bombardier Traxx), we are able to provide a unique service in the region, organized in our own production along with a more favourable transport times, so as to meet the growing needs of our clients and partners.

We also offer the service of delivery / puling the wagons on industrial rail tracks at the railway junction in Pančevo.

Our 5 offices, located in Subotica, Pančevo, Šid, Niš and Dimitrovgrad cover main railway corridors and have a good geostrategic position on Pan-European corridor and the corridor X / Alpine Western Balkans corridor/, so that we are able to effectively respond to multifarious transport requirements.

In addition to technical, organizational and human resources for the transport of goods, we offer our clients quality, safety, availability, frequency and reliability of transport, which are regulated, inter alia, by ISO quality management standards-ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. /environmental management system/.